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Happy Birthday Banner: Free Printable

It is an extremely special week! I became a mom 7 years ago. My daughter turns 7 this week. Seven. Ok, now I'm tearing up because it feels like time has just raced over the last seven years. It feels like so much has happened, yet there is no way she should be 7 already. Not my little peanut.

Her start was a little more complicated than we thought it would be. She was breech, and we did three external versions (where they flip the baby around while in your stomach... ouch!) and then the last external version was the day before her due date. They tried to start my labor immediately after in hopes to get her here before she could turn back around. But after four days... yes FOUR of not dilating past 2cm and forced contractions, and all sorts of magic tricks the nurses and doctors did to try to get her here, we decided to do a c-section. At that point it was enough stress on her and me that for many reasons they thought the c-section would be best. We did the c-section, even though I was terrified of being cut open and planned on a natural birth... ha! But finally she was here! She was tiny, weighing in at 5lb. 3oz. (and born several days after her due date) but she was here!

I remember feeling an immediate love and connection to her that was so strong it was overwhelming. They wheeled me back into my room and brought her in while they were doing basic vitals and tests. I got to hold her for maybe a minute. Then they gave us the news that she was being taken to the special nursery, that they had some concerns. They were worried that she was so little and that her indirect bilirubin level came back so high. They did so many tests, that little girls poor feet were so poked up and it broke my heart to see her endure so much so soon. They gave us the news they were transferring her to another hospital with a more advanced NICU. I went with her and stayed in the room even though I was still recovering myself. I just couldn't leave her. I remember crying to my mom and telling her it felt like she wasn't ours yet because all the decisions on her care and when she could come home were being made by doctors and nurses. It was physically and mentally exhausting. On day 10 we got to go home. They found out through additional testing that she has alpha-one anti-trypson deficiency.

This girl made me a mom and I feel like I truly didn't know the meaning of LOVE until she came along. She has made every day of the last seven years more magical in our family. She is just as beautiful on the inside and she is on the outside (and she is gorgeous), I know I am her mom, but it is true. So, to celebrate I created and am sharing a FREE printable Happy Birthday banner!

Click HERE to get your free Happy Birthday banner printable.

Enjoy the freebie and Happy Birthday to all those March birthdays!

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