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Online Grocery Shopping: The Game Changer

If this meme describes you, then you are going to appreciate Online Grocery Shopping because it could seriously change your life, like it has for me. The idea is genius and I'm surprised it's taken this long to catch on, because hello, but basically you order your groceries online, reserve a pick up time and go pick them up... but BEST part is you pull up and they load the groceries INTO your vehicle for you. Whhhhaaaaaa!!! I know. You don't even have to get out of the car, which means you can rock that personal style that says I really never intended for anyone to see me like this!

I have tried TWO different online grocery services. Walmart and Smith's Marketplace (ClickList) both have great services that I love. Walmart has something that is hard to beat... great prices. The selection of organic and specialty items however, is slightly limited especially if you are comparing them to Smith's Marketplace. Smith's Marketplace on the other hand has great organic options and specialty items (gluten free, diary free, etc.).

I did an order for the same groceries (minus organic in most cases due to unavailability at Walmart) on both sites and found an $80 price difference. So, it really depends on what your priority is. If you need to stay on a budget then you want to try Walmart Online Grocery Pickup. If you are concerned with getting great quality, organic items and specialty items, Smith's Marketplace is going to be the service you want.

Other than the obvious convenience of not having to get out of your car, there are several other benefits. #1 - I don't have to take my kids into the store. This saves me from the dreaded begging for things we don't need or want. Is it just me or are my kids the only ones that think they should get a toy or treat every time we go somewhere? Um, no. Hard pass. I love having the option completely taken away, so it's not even tempting to ask. Mom -1, Kids - 0. This benefit alone is worth A LOT to me! #2 - You can do your price comparing all online, which means it's quick and easy to compare. You are searching by key words and categories, which means you can see several options in front of you all at one time, so you can save money just by being able to see all the options laid out in front of you. #2.5 - This is related, so we are going to partly include it here, but it also cuts down on the last minute items you throw into your physical cart because they are staring you in the face at the store. It's easier to stick to a list when you are able to type each item in and order the exact amount you need without the pressure and distractions that come from being in the store in person. #3 - Your account will recognize regularly purchased items and it gets easier to re-buy items, because it will suggest those items it's seen you purchase and make them a priority in your search. Awesome!

Be aware that different services have different perks and policies, for example some services cost, while others are free. Some services will allow you to use coupons, or coupon codes, while others do not. So before you submit an order, make sure you understand how it works, so there are no surprises.

Best part, is when you sign up for your first grocery order through you can use a coupon code to get you $10 off your first order! So, happy shopping in the comfort of your home, without kids begging for things and with a coupon code - you're welcome!

Do you use an online grocery service? Tell me which one is your favorite and why?

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