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Join Me on the Next Clean Simple Eats Challenge!

UPDATED: June 8th, 2018 to include updates about the Summer Challenge and additional information that is new to the Clean Simple Eats Challenge.

Okay, first of all, which might seem backwards but I am going to update you on details about the Summer CSE Challenge, first and then you can read my original post.

They have started doing a 7 day mini challenge that is FREE! It starts the WEEK BEFORE a challenge starts so you can get a weeks worth of recipes for FREE and try the mini challenge out before you commit to the full challenge.

I sign up for this everytime! Why not? It's free. There are prizes for participating in the mini challenge and it gives you an opportunity to get started before the official challenge starts. Might as well get a head start in looking and feeling better!

The SUMMER mini challenge starts on Monday, June 11th. BEFORE pictures can be submitted starting June 11th and must be date stamped. You can download an app that will time/date stamp your pics.

The FULL challenge starts on Monday, June 18th. You can participate in WEEKLY challenges in addition to submitting your before/after for the GRAND prize. The before/afters can be submitted on July 29th and 30th. The GRAND PRIZE winners will be announced on August 6th.

ALSO... this is HUGE GUYS... NEW this challenge you can purchase just the NEW stuff. So, if you purchased the Summer Meal Plan from LAST Summer and you don't want to purchase an entire NEW plan, you can purchase just the NEW recipes. This will include 21 NEW recipes for this Summer Challenge! That is so crazy awesome!

AND for a limited time (this is available before EACH new challenge, but only for a limited time) you can get $15 off your order! So head over to the website now and get signed up for the FREE mini challenge, get your Summer Meal Plan OR the Extension with ONLY the NEW recipes and take a look at all the awesome products and info that will make this challenge a success!!!

Original Post: If you have not participated in the CSE Challenge, you need to. What is the CSE Challenge? Clean Simple Eats Challenge. What is Clean Simple Eats you ask? Oh only my favorite place to go to get clean, delicious recipes and exercise plans. You guys, this seriously changed my life. And once you try it, you will fall in love with it like I have. Do you feel like you've tried everything out there and you have a hard time finding a balance between healthy, easy and delicious? This is the answer. A cookbook gets released each season (Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall), so they release 4 cookbooks each year and I am so excited to start each new plan, and here's why:

Why I LOVE Clean Simple Eats?

LOTS OF RECIPES... The plan includes 40 days worth of recipes that include pre-workout snacks (which are like healthy dessert), morning and afternoon snacks, breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes! You are getting everything you need in one place.

SIMPLICITY... The recipes are SIMPLE and easy to put together. I am a busy mom (redundant I know, what mom isn't busy?) - I NEED simple. The plan is laid out for you but it is so simple to customize this. #Winning!

PORTIONS... The recipes have the serving sizes on them so you can easily calculate it for the number of people you are serving and if you want to make extras or if you want to do dinner and then make extra for lunch, which is what we do to again simplify it, to make it super easy and to save a little time. I also repeat some of the snacks throughout the week, so I can use up the item and not waste the groceries I'm ordering.

SHOPPING LISTS... The shopping list is broken down week by week, so you don't have to go thru the recipes and write down all the menu items to make your grocery list - it is already done for you! And if you are like me, you just order your groceries online and pick them up (which I will go over in a separate post because it is so amazing, its like having a personal shopper and make my mommy life, so much easier... ok I'm getting a little emotional at how online shopping has changed my life, so before I end up in full on hysterics, we will move on.)

PREP GUIDE... It even has bulk meal prep guidelines broken up by day so you know exactly what to bulk prep and WHEN to prep it. We do bulk prep on weekends and get it ready to go for the week and then shop ad prep again on the weekend and so on.

CALORIES AND MACROS INCLUDED... The calculations you need to do are all included and you can simply figure out what you want to be eating if you are wanting to gain, maintain or lose weight. The macros are even included. As long as I stay on plan, I don't have to sit and count calories every day which is so nice because I have enough on my plate and I'm sure you do too!

FEELING HEALTHY... With 3 meals, 2 snacks and a pre-workout snack each day, I am eating consistently every few hours so I feel healthy, and well-nourished. Before Clean Simple Eats I would fly by the seat of my pants when it came to meals, sometimes I would plan, other times I wouldn't and I would be so busy that I would go long stretches of time without eating, and I would end up feeling light-headed, I'd get headaches easily and I would be starving, so I would overeat when I did have time to eat.

DIETARY RESTRICTIONS, NO PROBLEM... Also, I have some serious dietary restrictions as I am working on my health thru lifestyle changes to help me feel better with my Hoshimotos. And these plans have been super simple to adjust to meet my needs with being gluten, dairy, soy, sugar and caffeine free.

WORKOUTS AND SUPPORT... Oh and did I mention that it comes with workouts to do included as part of the Clean Simple Eats plan. You can always go online to see how the exercise should be performed. AND, you can join the Facebook group so you have a whole community of people that will answer your questions and support you along your journey. Plus, Erika and JJ, the married power couple behind Clean Simple Eats will often be the ones to answer these questions.

WINNER, WINNER... If you purchase the recipe book for the new season, you are automatically eligible to participate in the challenge. You will follow that season's recipe book and workouts, take a before and after photo and submit it for the chance to won some money or prizes. But, looking and feeling good is also a GREAT reward.

You'll want to look for a coupon code during the first week of the plan being launched because it will save you $15. I order the digital copy or you can order the hard copy or both.

At the very least, even if you don't decide to get the recipe book, you should definitely give them a follow because they will share great recipes and workouts outside of the amazingness that is the seasonal meal plan and exercise guide.

Get excited and share with me your health journey and changes you've made that have made your life better!

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