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Fall Fun Checklist

Sad reality, but summer is quickly coming to a close for us! Our last visit to the water park was last weekend and school is back in session. But on the positive... that means FALL. And from late September to the New Year is my FAVORITE time of year. And if you don't love those people that get WAY too into Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas then we might not be able to be friends because I am THAT person. Just kidding, we can still be friends, but you have been warned that I am THAT person. So let the fall festivities BEGIN! You already know that I love lists and our fall checklist is one of MY FAVS! So what will be doing this fall?

P.S. I include September, October and November as FALL for the purposes of this checklist.

1. PUMPKIN Carving (A Must!)

2. Visit the Pumpkin Patch

3. Make Carmel Apples

4. Nightmare Before Christmas Movie Night

5. Go On a Fall HIKE

6. Trunk or Treat

7. Decorate for Halloween

8. Cold Weather Prep (Winterize)

9. Make a Thankful Tree

10. Fall Fondue Night

11. Make Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread

12. Visit the Local Gardens

13. Make Sugar Cookies

14. 'Ghost' a Neighbor

15. Take Family Photos

16. Go See Coco in Theaters (Released Nov. 22nd)

17. Visit the Dinosaur Museum

18. Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown Movie Night

19. Make Slow Cooker Cranberry Apple Cider

20. Family Game Night

21. Frightmares at Lagoon

22. Bake a Pie

23. Outdoor Read-a-thon

24. Visit the Kids Museum

25. Make Homemade Chili

26. Random Act of Kindness

27. Make a NEW Fall Wreath

28. Make a Turkey Day Craft

29. Fall Clean Up

30. Witch Fest

31. Traditional Turkey Dinner

32. Plant Bulbs

33. Make Popcorn Balls

34. Go Fishing

35. Farmer's Market

36. Take a Hay Ride

37. Trick or Treat

38. Family Service Project

39. Decorate for Thanksgiving

40. Nature Walk

41. Visit a Farm

42. Fall Drive to See the LEAVES Changing

43. Visit a Corn Maze

44. Fall Play Date

45. Play at the Park

46. Visit the Aquarium

47. Luau Fundraiser for the School

48. Homemade Fall Stew or Soup

49. Hocus Pocus Movie Night

50. Make a Halloween Craft

Okay, that comprises our fall fun checklist. Most of that is pretty generic, but some are super specific, and I'm sure you have some specific things you love to do with your family at this time of year. So tell me, what are your favorite things to do this time of year? I want to know, because I love new, fresh ideas!

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