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My $7 Coffee Table Makeover

Sometimes I just need a change and after 13 years together [wow, that's crazy, that's a lot of years], my coffee table needed a little love. So, I rolled up my sleeves and did what anyone would do, I bought a new coffee table... just kidding. Why would I do that when I can spend time and money on a project that will end up costing the same as a new coffee table... just kidding again. I did this makeover for LESS than $7 and I LOVE the results, plus it was SO simple, almost anyone can do it. This is my little coffee table getting ready for the magic, and by magic I mean Rust-oleum Spray Paint.

You guys. This was my first time using spray paint for a project like this. It was so easy. The color I used was Ocean Mist (so beautiful) in a gloss and I wasn't sure what to expect, so I just dove in and went for it.

HELPFUL TIP #1: Make sure the area you are painting in is WELL ventilated. Like do this outside or in an open garage because wow the fumes. And If you have a mask, save yourself the holding of the breath, and wear the mask. Just pretend you are on an episode of Fixer Upper, it will make you feel profesh.

HELPFUL TIP #2: Put down a plastic sheet or drop cloth, because this stuff will travel and you will have spray paint dust around the project area.

HELPFUL TIP #3: IMPORTANT!!! Use light, thin layers and let them dry for several minutes in between coats. Too much spray at a time and it will not go on evenly and you will get drip marks. Plus, it will just take longer to dry. So save yourself some time and be patient with the process, it will pay off to do lighter coats and do many light layers. Trust.

Full confessional... I will be totally honest and say I had some boo-boos. My first spray paint project was not flawless, but on the positive, I wanted to distress my table anyway and whatever flaws resulted actually ended up contributing to the distressed look I wanted. I love it and I can't believe it took less than $7 and two cans of spray paint to get a brand new look for my coffee table. I loved this spray paint so much, I went back to the store to get another color for a bathroom sign project. (Don't worry, I will share that too.) And now that I have my first spray paint project under my belt, I am dying to do more things with it!

Have any spray paint tips to share? Spill the tea and wait until you see my updated coffee table with my brand new rug in my front room makeover on a budget... coming soon in a post directly to you! [Insert winkey face emoji here.]

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