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Summer Fun Checklist

Summer Fun Checklist

​Every Summer we come up with a list of things we want to do. We are all so ready for Summer and for all the fun things we get to do together, so of course I want to share the love. Enjoy a free printable so you can plan your list of fun things to do this Summer! I'm sharing 75 things we want to do this Summer!

  1. Waterpark

  2. Hawaiian Shaved Ice

  3. Movie in the Park

  4. Parade

  5. Camping

  6. Vacation

  7. Hike

  8. Aquarium

  9. Gardens

  10. Dino Museum

  11. Childrens Museum

  12. Farm Country

  13. Mini Golf

  14. Run Through Sprinklers

  15. Water Balloons

  16. Fireworks

  17. Glow in the Dark Party

  18. Smores

  19. BBQ

  20. Picnic

  21. Splash Pad

  22. Park

  23. Smoothies

  24. Sidewalk Chalk

  25. Fly Kites

  26. Blow Bubbles

  27. Make Bracelets

  28. Swimming

  29. Amusement Park

  30. Night Games

  31. Paddle Board

  32. Baseball Game

  33. Bocce Ball

  34. Plant an Herb Garden

  35. Homemade Fruit Bars

  36. Homemade Pudding Pops

  37. Make Fruit Pizza

  38. Candy Sushi

  39. Drive In Movie

  40. Homemade Wind Socks

  41. Sit and Watch the Sunset

  42. Stargazing

  43. Sleep Under the Stars

  44. Day Roadtrip

  45. Card Games on the Porch

  46. Homemade Lemonade

  47. Take an Evening Stroll

  48. Make a Summer Music Playlist

  49. Slip N' Slide

  50. Farmer's Market

  51. Strawberry Shortcake

  52. Summer Wreath

  53. Summer Porch Decor

  54. Tin Foil Dinners

  55. String Lights on the Patio

  56. Ice Cream Sandwiches

  57. Read a Good Book

  58. Take a Nap

  59. Corn on the Cob

  60. Go Fishing

  61. Puzzle

  62. Library Summer Reading Program

  63. Zoo

  64. Frozen Hot Chocolate

  65. Pancake Breakfast

  66. Bowling

  67. Ice Cream Cones

  68. Bird Feeders

  69. Fondue Night

  70. Feed the Ducks

  71. Bicycle Ride

  72. Paint Pottery

  73. Tie Dye T-shirts

  74. Food Truck Dinner

  75. Watch a Summer Thunderstorm

Here is a free printable you can use to keep track of all your Summer Fun! What is on your list of fun for this Summer?

P.S. As always, my free printables are for personal use only. Thx.

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