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My Weekly & Spring Cleaning Checklists

Happy Spring-ish!

I have a weekly cleaning list. I clean by room. I know everyone has their way, but cleaning by room works best for me. So, on Monday I clean the dining room and kitchen. The kitchen is the heart, so I have to start my week with a clean kitchen so I can make it through the rest of my week. Tuesday I clean the family rooms (common family spaces, we have three... a front room, family room and big bonus room in the basement which has couches, TV, movies, toys, a homework center for the kids, etc.). Wednesday I clean our three bathrooms. Thursday we clean our bedrooms, and I clean the guest bedroom (which lately is more like a storage space for #allthethings). Friday I clean my office, my husband and I share this space. And Saturday I reserve for working on cleaning the garage, working in the yard, and cleaning out the cars. We also do a family cleaning time on Saturday, so anything that is already messy (like the whole thing most weeks), gets re-cleaned or at least straightened. Does this system work perfectly. No. Life happens. Like all the time. But this helps keep me on track for the week. Sunday is a family day. We go to church, hang out as a family, usually do a family dinner with parents, siblings and cousins so I try to get as much done Monday thru Saturday, so Sunday can be focused on family time. Sometimes I will prep some food items on Sunday, but I usually like to include everyone so we are still getting that quality time together. But this is for every day, but then I like to get some Spring Cleaning projects done as it warms up so we can have a nice, fun summer, so I made a list of some of my things that I make sure we do in the Spring to get our house de-winterized and ready for Spring.

My Spring Cleaning Checklist


  • Change Out Air Filters

  • Check Fridge Filters

  • Change Out Smoke Detector Batteries

  • Vacuum Vents

  • AC Unit Tune Up

  • Organize Your Junk Drawer

  • Organize Your Pantry

  • Organize Your Linen Closet

  • Organize and Clean Out Your Garage

  • Wipe Down Baseboards

  • Dust Hard to Reach Areas

  • Clean Your Windows


  • Clean Out Old Clothes

  • Donate Those Clothes You Haven't Worn in Awhile or Don't Need

  • Store Clothes That Are Out of Season

  • Do a Wardrobe Capsule for Spring


  • Start a File for 2018 Tax Documents (If you haven't already.)

  • Throw Out Old Unnecessary Documents

  • Go Through Any Piles of Papers and Shred, Toss or...

  • File Papers You Need to Keep

  • Create Folders for This Years Bills and Important Documents


  • Put Away and Organize Any Decor from Past Holidays

  • Get Out Those Spring and Summer Items Including Patio Furniture, Porch Decor, Pillows, Grills, etc.

If you like my cleaning schedule, feel free to click and download this checklist for yourself. For personal use only.

Happy cleaning and organizing! I'd love if you'd share your tips and tricks for Spring Cleaning in the comments below.

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