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The (LDS) General Conference Store

One of our favorite (LDS) General Conference traditions over the past couple years has been to do a General Conference Store. We love it so much that I want to share it with you and I even created a kit so that you have everything you need in one place. You are going to love it.

So, let me break it down for you...

I go to the dollar store and get several things I know my kids would love. Coloring books, stickers, puzzles, treats, activity books, books, pencils, erasers, play-doh, etc. Here is a photo of what I set up for the store, the first time we did this:

Spring General Conference Store

Sorry the photo is a little fuzzy, but it gives you an idea of what I bought for the General Conference Store last October:

Fall General Conference Store

Pick items that you know that will be something they want to earn.

Then, I choose a variety of activities to incorporate so my kids pay attention. I print General Conference Bingo, coloring pages and General Conference packets. I just go online and find these printables the week before. There are many out there, find what your kids (or you) would enjoy.

Then for each session, we do a different activity. For Saturday AM session I'll pick one thing, like a coloring page, or BINGO and if they complete the coloring page or get a BINGO and turn it in, then I give them a General Conference Buck. I also ask questions after each speaker, to see if they were paying attention and they can earn additional General Conference Bucks. My kids are young, just 5 and 7. So I gear these questions to their ages and abilities.

At the end of each session, I let them shop in the General Conference Store. They can turn in their General Conference Bucks at the store for those fun items and they LOVE it. My kids get so excited for General Conference because they know it is FUN, and they get to do something SPECIAL, that has become a tradition.

Because we love this idea so much and use it twice a year, I put everything into a kit. The kit includes a printable banner that says, "The General Store", the General Conference Bucks (I print and laminate these so we can re-use them over and over), the price tags for your store goodies, and a list of example questions you can ask as a way for your kids to earn more General Conference Bucks.

The General Conference Store Kit

All you need to do is click HERE to get your free printable kit. Enjoy General Conference and tell me the ways you like to prepare and watch General Conference that makes it more meaningful for you and your family!