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My New Bathroom Décor Makes Me Giggle

Have you discovered You'll love it, and you will have a hard time choosing just what is your favorite, because I have gotten a lot of my favorite things from and you can find a little bit of everything, so you got options people. My most recent purchase is my cute bathroom sign. I stinkin' love it and when it comes to the bathroom I feel like a little humor can go a long way!

The sign came unfinished, so I used my favorite new side-kick... Rust-oleum spray paint in Metallic Bright Gold and gave it a couple coats of paint and hung it in my bathroom. For a bathroom that has been desperate for a little décor for 5 years now, it feels so good to get something up on my bare walls and I LOVE IT! It's so cute and so me... funny. And my plastic drop cloth forevermore now has get naked on it... hahahaha.

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